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Set: Striped Hoodie + Leggings-1
Set: Striped Hoodie + Leggings-2
Set: Striped Hoodie + Leggings-3
Set: Striped Hoodie + Leggings-4
Set: Striped Hoodie + Leggings-5
Set: Striped Hoodie + Leggings-6
Set: Striped Hoodie + Leggings-7
Set: Striped Hoodie + Leggings-8

Plus Size Set: Striped Hoodie + Leggings KP360

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Set: Striped Hoodie + Leggings

Product Information
Material: 30-50% Cotton
Color: Black
XL: Total Length: 72cm, Bust: 122cm, Shoulder-Sleeve: 68cm
2XL: Total Length: 74cm, Bust: 130cm, Shoulder-Sleeve: 70.5cm
3XL: Total Length: 76cm, Bust: 138cm, Shoulder-Sleeve: 73cm
4XL: Total Length: 78cm, Bust: 146cm, Shoulder-Sleeve: 75.5cm

XL: Total Length: 90cm, Waist: 70-85cm, Hips: 80cm, Hem: 25cm
2XL: Total Length: 92.5cm, Waist: 76-91cm, Hips: 86cm, Hem: 26cm
3XL: Total Length: 95cm, Waist: 82-97cm, Hips: 92cm, Hem: 27cm
4XL: Total Length: 97.5cm, Waist: 88-103cm, Hips: 98cm, Hem: 28cm

There may be a 2cm - 4cm variance in product size